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In Ancient Greece it was believed that when the Fates decided that you had had your allotted time on this earth, your corpse was separated from the soul, taking on the shape of the former person. The soul was the end reason for being; they believed then, your essence.

Death was therefore a form of change. However, there was disagreement: Aristotle said that the soul was “the form of the living thing”, that everyone had one and it was inseparable from us; whereas Plato believed it was divisible. Death was symbolized or personified by the God Thanatos. It was he who carried the soul down to Hades, the underworld (or to the depths of the ocean or the ends of the world depending on your historical source). The mother of Thanatos was Nyx, Goddess of Night (Aristotle said in Metaphysics, Book XII, that some theologians derive all things from night). Nyx had another son, Hypnos, God of Sleep, and she was very powerful and feared by Zeus himself. (Iliad Book XIV). “

As 21st century Shiatsu practitioners we are taught about the Chinese Medicine understanding of death, of Jing (the Chi residing in the Kidneys) which when dwindling brings on the signs of old age.

What do you personally believe will happen to you? If you have watched someone die or are working with those who are coming to terms with loss, what do you think is happening with their Chi?

This course will address these issues. It will offer practical ways to sit with and touch those clients who may be sad, scared, frail or close to their earthly end and it will invite you to share your stories.

Come along on 8 / 9 June 2019 and meet Tamsin Grainger, Shiatsu practitioner and teacher from Edinburgh, Scotland who will lead this weekend.

Cost: 180 euros plus VAT

Contact: Panayiota Polychroni-Giannino:, +30 697 2 08 37 32

This 2-day workshop is open for Shiatsu Practitioners and students of all levels.

Tamsin Grainger is a practitioner (MRSS) and Principal of The Shiatsu School Edinburgh, established 2000. After graduating from The Glasgow School of Shiatsu in 1989, she has worked full-time with Shiatsu on a one-to-one basis, with small groups, and as a teacher (T), specialising at various times in pregnancy, AIDS and cancer. She was a guest teacher presenting her work on Shiatsu with small children at the European Shiatsu Congress in Kiental, Switzerland in 2012, and about cancer in Norway. She has recently shared workshops and discussions on the subject of ‘Loss in Shiatsu Practice’ in Paris and London. Tamsin has served as a Director and Chair of The Shiatsu Society and is currently on the Profession Specific Board of The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).