If you are suffering from the cold, wrap something extra toasty around your kidneys (back of your waist) under your clothes, such as a pashmina or a cashmere scarf; or if you are at home put a hot water bottle back there.

If you are coming down with coughs and colds, strengthen your respiratory system with a Chi Gung exercise: stand still with your arms at chest height as if they are around a tree with the palms facing towards your body, fingertips almost touching. Breathe in deeply and open the arms until they are level with and to the sides of your shoulders, with palms facing upwards. When you breathe out, turn the palms over and gently move the arms back to the starting position. Do this at least 5 times, deepening your breath each time if you can. Doing it at the top of Arthur’s Seat is even more beneficial.


If you aren’t sleeping well try a hand massage, including acupressure point Shen Men (HT 7): place one hand palm up and use the thumb of your other hand to lean down on the little finger side of the wrist crease (where your wrist bends). You will feel a bone and you want to lean on the fleshy part next to that bone, not quite at the centre. Press 3 times as you exhale and then repeat on the other hand. For a diagram 

A Shiatsu session will boost your immune system

Laughter Club is perfect for banishing winter blues: Laughter Club

Consult a nutritionist: Nutritional advice