Recent Research

Shiatsu, Life and Quantum Processes with Patrizia Stefanini youtube video in conversation with Cliff Andrews

Biochemistry of Acupuncture vimeo

‘An important piece of professional research has been carried out by Professor Andrew F Long at the School of Healthcare, University of Leeds,  in conjunction with The European Shiatsu Federation.

As a result of this study, carried out over 3 countries (Britain, Spain and Austria), we can now state that Shiatsu is good for stress, back and neck pain, and for sports injuries.’


This rigorous, longitudinal study indicates the value of the powerful therapy for the benefit of our long-term health.

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Other PhD research by Dr. Zoe Pirie MRSS Dip.BSS-DO showed that GP attendance rates and numbers of prescriptions written fell by half after only 6 Shiatsu sessions and that this amazing result lasted up to 2 months after the final treatment.

There is other interesting information about research, including the Shiatsu Systematic Evidence Review on The Shiatsu Society (UK) website.